For the love of fruitautomaten!

It’s where it all started: the basis of online casino games as we know them, the core of all video game slots, and the common theme running through casino bonuses. We’re talking about the fruit machine! Fruitautomaten come in many forms and sizes, but the original game is still there and just executed in many, many different ways. Therefore, we want to dedicate a special blog to one of the most original and best worked-out games ever: the fruit machine!

The first slot game

The first thing we’re going to share is probably going to burst your bubble: the very first slot game ever wasn’t a fruit machine. It was a slot machine based on the poker game and it was developed in 1891 in Brooklyn, New York. It was indeed the precursor of the fruitautomaten. However, this slot machine turned out to be far too difficult, and around that same time a similar machine was developed, but this time with other symbols and three reels instead of five.

Fruit shaped candy symbols

This slot machine, Liberty Bell, became immensely popular and within a few years, slot machines were developed with different themes. Around 1895 the first slot machine with candy was developed: this was in fact the first game with fruit symbols since it was fruit-shaped candy. It didn’t take long before these fruitautomaten were the eye-catcher of the company. It wasn’t until 1976 that the first real video slot machine was developed. This happened in California en this slot machine had its premiere in a Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. Who’d have thought this fruit slot game would still be the most popular casino game?

Why do we love fruitautomaten so much?

So, why this love for fruit machines or slot machines in general? Every online casino offers tens and sometimes even hundreds of different slot machines. At first, we thought it was partly because of the no deposit bonus and free spins. Earning those on slot games is pretty easy, but nowadays many online casinos offer a bonus on other games as well. So, what is it then? It’s a combination of luck, winning, great visuals, and authenticity.

The authenticity of slot games

Fruitautomaten have been around since most of us can remember: we used to play them in a hotel or at the cafe during a pub crawl. Most of us just love to relive those times. The symbols of fruit are now developed into different styles or changed into different symbols, but the rules of a slot machine are pretty much the same: the aim is to get a winning combination of symbols. If you were a player of fruitautomaten when you were young, you can still use your knowledge of the machines now. This makes playing slot games easy and recognizable.

Winning is within your reach on slot games

Another aspect is winning. Winning on fruitautomaten isn’t hard. When you’re playing a few free spins chances are pretty big that you’ll win something. In contrast to other casino games winning is within your reach. Of course, the specs of slot machines nowadays are also amazing and the themed slots add great value slot games in general. This, combined with the long history of fruitautomaten, makes a fruit machine still one of our greatest loves!


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Roulette Games

While we have been introducing several different online slot machines in the past on our website, we should not forget, that there are other fantastic games in an online casino. It goes without saying that we play games in a casino because we all love the excitement and of course the amazing feeling when you actually land a win. Therefore, we all take a close look at the RTP statistics of any game we are interested in. But did you know that one of the highest RTP’s of any online casino can not be found in the slot section? That’s right, the casino game that offers the highest RTP is hiding in the table game section and the name of that game is roulette.

It might sound strange to you but it is indeed the case, that old school never-dying classic offers you the best chances to land a big win. Roulette has way more to offer though and you should never just look at the betting table and be afraid that you will not understand the game’s rules. The rules of roulette are actually pretty simple and easy to understand. What you should bring to the table though is a clear plan, a strategy. When you place your bet, you should be aware of what you are doing, because if you place your bet with the right strategy, you can minimize your losses and maximize your possible winnings. That is something you will not be able to do with a slot machine.

Roulette offers a kind of excitement of its own, after placing your bet you will watch the little white ball dancing in the wheel and holding your breath. Because once the ball stops bouncing, it all falls back to your betting strategy again. The winnings of roulette follow the logical approach, the higher the risk of your bet, the higher is your win. So, if you bet on a specific set of numbers and the right color, you will win big, like huge! If you want to take it easy, roulette offers far less risky betting options like the color black or red or an even or uneven number. With those options, you can narrow the risk of a loss down significantly. It is even possible to bet in combinations when you play roulette. An example, you can bet on a number and a specific color and that lets your risk of losing this bet shrink even more.

Roulette can also be a game of patience. There are even players who approach a roulette table just to observe a few rounds and then make their plan on when and where to place their bet. The reason for that strategy is the old myth of a table’s specific rule. Yes, some players swear that they can see a probability where the ball will land based on where it did land in the previous few rounds. Whatever your approach to roulette is, you should never forget to have fun because that is what it is all about and Roulette had plenty of fun to offer!

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Robin Hood a Netent slot machine

Complex images in video slots and roulette live tend to be more than the usual characteristic that is desired. And NetEntertainment can give you more than lots of those. Its amazing time slots are famous for his or her state of the art graphical options, real sound effects and wonderful, recognizable themes. All these and more have been constituted Robin Hood”, which guarantees to bring many a lover of the well-known bandit that was medieval and add another component of amusement to all or any slot fans’ playing experience.

When it comes to wager sums available, there’s lots to pick from. They affect the chance to set up to 10 coins per payline, as well as coin denominations which range from 1 cent to 50 cents. With this particular range, everyone will probably be met – people who would rather risk less and both highrollers, to allow them to appreciate their play.

Unique Attributes:
The advanced and best section of “Robin Hood” are undoubtedly its features. It’s possible for you to collect money bags and check coin worth and their stake amount by clicking on the chest where they can be accumulated. This stake degree-coin worth defines the stake number of free spins. Throughout the free spins, among the character symbols turns into an additional wild. One other amazing thing about money bags is they turn following the reels shift into Wild symbols. Talking of which, the super-fascinating transferring reels attribute happens whenever you hit a betline triumph. That’s when the reels will change by one place and leave room for more triumphs, in the event that you win, raising the multiplier. The most multiplier this manner can be reached by you is 5x.

With a great number of changes that are winning, there’s no means you get bored of the robin hood slot machine. He brings you outstanding prizes that will keep you amused to get an extended while and let you appreciate top of the notch graphic for the most effective gaming experience there is. Play the Robin Hood slot machine and hundreds upon hundreds of other fun online casino games over at the widely popular casino operators and you most likely will find it in all the uk internet casinos 2020.

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Thunderfist a Netent slot machine

So is the latest NetEnt’s online slot “Thunderfist ™ associated with benefit and accomplishment in a dynamic and energetic internet casino game as modern martial arts are linked to your man’s way of life focusing on individual techniques, the patience and fulfillment. “Thunderfist™” will surely meet your expectations, offering various cartoons, sounds and initial symbols based on the primeval martial arts native, in the event that you value kung fu as well as the craft of battle.


Besides the Stacked Crazy substitutions, it boasts the scatter symbols using an arbitrary multiplier of up to x5 as well as the relevant amount of free spins. The features are actually quite similar to another popular netent slot machine that being the spinata grande slot which you can try out with freespins at many online casinos.

Autoplay and Maxbet choices can be adaptable and accessible to satisfy each player’s needs. The layout is carefully thought-out ensuring an immediate feeling of being transferred into a bamboo woods with the masters of samurai of styles as well as all ages. Exceptional animations inherent to every kung fu specialist symbol tremendously promote enjoyment and the private comprehension of the sport. The slot may be played with the maximum industry standards in the flash manner in keeping.

Special features

The hallmark of the sport is concealed in the complimentary spins. The astonishing possibilities provided by “Thuderfist™” cannot pass undetected as they will be the key to raising one’s opportunities to win! The gold dragon gate itself represents the scatter symbol. Each twist that is free is also strengthened by means of a choice to locate an arbitrary multiplier which increases gamble manner triumphs by three, two, four or five times! This attractive feature together with the advanced design will definitely grab the focus of both beginners and experts. It free and offers substitution for some other symbols both spins.


Regardless of which corner of the planet you happen to be in, NetEnt is bringing the spirit of martial arts coupled having a broad selection of possibilites to win along with the breath of Asian traditions. Selecting the „Thunderfist™” slot, the entranceway is opening to a brand new area stuffed with the mixture of samurai abilities and free spins.

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Boom Brothers a Netent slot machine

Someplace deep underground, three bearded brothers mine for precious stones and jewels. Boom Brothers characteristics cutting edge animation and characteristics that are fascinating in a 5 reel slot which has an impressive 20 pay lines.

It is possible to begin to play once this sequence has ended.

The designers have taken a ‘Tim Burton’ strategy to the layout before you begin playing with transferring cogs ‘powering’ the reels in all the top corners, you’re immersed in 3D images. This is likewise represented on the icons such as robotic adaptations of all the brothers when a prize is won, which spring open.

The reels additionally feature mining paraphernalia including pails, spades, pickaxes, miners helmets as well as the rail track symbol. Each one has its cartoon that is cheeky as well as the activity is complimented by the sound effect perfectly.

Boom Brothers Slot Characteristics
Three or more ‘free twists’ icons trigger free twists, three multiply each prize.

The bomb/wild card replacements letting a pleasing explosion off . The crazy can’t replace free twists symbol or the scatter, this really is normal practice with video slots.

The ‘second opportunity’ attribute is activated we did get from it, whilst this seems just like an excellent thought, maybe we were just unlucky?

The ‘Railtrack’ scatter has two parts to play even more or three begins the rail track attribute. This awards 2 3x x and 4 x your bonus position with 5 and 3, 4 bits of track. The bonus round is also unlocked by 5 pieces of track.

Throughout the bonus round you gather gold, diamonds and rubies which correspond to among the brothers. The one that reaches their first awards that are hoard an immediate prize, in the event that you’d like to take a gander in the attribute it is possible to achieve this by hitting the preview button in the underside right hand corner. You can try playing the Boom Brother slot machine at the Live Casino House and if you visit Asiancasinocentral then you could perhaps even score yourself a nice welcome bonus for Live Casino House or claim a nice welcome bonus through

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The Invisible Man a Netent slot machine

This game tells the unbelievable story of Griffin, a guy who dared to inject himself having a lustrous concoction that turned him invisible. You’ll experience other adventurous escapades this, along with, as you play.

A black and white movie reel (we suppose to signify it occurred in the past) reveals how Griffin became undetectable. Once this endings (it is possible to bypass it in the event you desire) you’ll get your first look in the reels. These impress in the start as they’re flanked by an eerie science lab designed with bubbling beakers that are animated.

On the reels you’ll see various symbols that live as much as the NetEnt mantra of depth and quality. Other icons are full of interval drawn on numerals and numbers.

Gambling Choices and Much More Functions
Stakes start at 0.20, so not the most affordable around. This likely won’t because free play can also be offered by most casinos discourage most players. Players that favor to wager over this can achieve this with thanks to a variety of wagers that top out at $100.

The control panel contains an autoplay panel, which includes a neat scrolling mechanism for selecting up to 1000 twists. You can obviously choose for individual manual twists which can be discontinued by depressing the ring-shaped button another time, if you like.

Slot Characteristics
The Invisible Man (he’s called Griffin) as well as the cop are crazy icons; well, they’re really called walking wilds. This essentially means a re- the crazy moves to another reel over in the procedure as well as twist is going to be given.

You’ll if Officer and Griffin meet again throughout the feature, get 10 free spins with four additional spins.

There’s because each walking has its meter over the reels, an additional facet to free twists also. The Griffin attribute will be triggered by filling The Griffin meter where Griffin may be concealing, in which you select distinct places. This might reveal a multiplier prize or authorities helmet. Locating the latter advances you onwards throughout three degrees that follow exactly the same vein.

3 additional free spins will be triggered by filling the Officer’s meter.

Our Choose
It supplies a brilliant combination of attributes along with the images are outstanding. But although n’t review it yourself and take my word for this, play it free.

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Twin Spin a Netent Slot Machine

Twin Spin is a 243 manner video slot from Net Entertainment. Gameplay has a prize lineup as well as wilds topped by $5,000 jackpot.

Twin Spin has rather a retro feel to it when it comes to layout. You’ll locate 3 icons on each and every reel, which means 15 are shown during each twist.

Reel icons contain glistening diamonds, 7’s, Crazy icons, cherries, Pub, Bell, 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. This offers a good balance of conventional icons, which routine slot players will recognise.

The sound effects are better still although the visual aspects are excellent. The gameshow style sounds and music actually match gameplay nicely, which makes a refreshing change in the hoards of other slots with effects that are fundamental.

Gaming Choices and Much More Functions
Overall stakes range from 0.25 to $125 per twist, which constitute of coin worth and degrees. When you consider the lowest stake still activates all 243 triumph manners each twist, that isn’t bad.

For personalising each of the typical refinements have been set in place. Including a comprehensive paytable discretionary automatic twists, help menus and buttons for fast muffling sound effects.

Twin Spin characteristics
The Twin Spin attribute is the key aspect that sets this slot besides others. Every twist starts so at least 2 parallel reels contain icons that are indistinguishable. These reels that are fitting can enlarge to become triple or quadruple reels during any twist.

These wilds may also appear in unison together with the Twin Spin attribute and can swap for every other icon.

Net Ent are constantly innovating also it is amazing to see they have come up with something new here. The Twin Spin attribute is currently cutting edge, whilst the Vegas styling will interest beginner and experienced gamblers equally. But please do not simply take our word for it, play Twin Spin free here on LCB.

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