Which trends caused the increase of online casino enthusiasts?

While we at Lawndale have been playing online slots for years, it didn’t go unnoticed that the group of people who love online gaming has grown tremendously. We used to be able to see a gamer coming from miles away, but lately, all kinds of people from all around the world love some free spins on the reels. It might be caused by the pandemic forcing us to play online, but we can also recognize several other trends that led to a rise in the online casino market. Either way, it’s obvious that the demand for gaming online has never been so high.

Trends in design, free spins, and reliability

It’s obvious and not surprising that all online products have risen during the worldwide pandemic. People moved many activities to the worldwide web as well as casino in a physical casino were moved to an online casino. This explains the more varied public of online slots. However, we also see new trends in slot designs, freespins, and jackpots. These are a few examples:

Mobile-friendly online slots

While playing slots on a mobile phone used to be a sideshow for most developers, it’s now the main show. Most people use their mobile phone for literally everything: from online therapy to lawyer advice, to a mobile office and dating apps. It’s only natural for them to play slots on their phones as well. Developers noticed this as well so most slots or casino games are optimized for mobile use. Some games perform even better in a mobile environment than on a desktop. Free spins are more often offered using the mobile website, and slot developers often pay more attention to a mobile design.

Progressive jackpots

Our team is not quite sure yet whether we’re happy with the increase of progressive jackpots. These jackpots are not set, they keep rising until they pay-out, but that is totally random. Since we’re also experienced in trading we like to use a tactic to play and that’s hardly possible with these jackpots. However, many online players glorify the development and it might cause a new group of gamblers to join an online casino.

Free spins and re-spins

Freespins we already knew, but re-spins are rather new to the game. Hold and Re-spin means that a wild symbol or bonus symbol is locked while the rest takes a re-spins. This increases your winning chances big time and is actually better than free spins.

More reliable providers

While many people used to think online gaming was tricky and a bit shady, the development of the last years had proven that this is untrue. Like any other business, there are some bad apples, but most online casinos are licensed and offer transparent regulations and information. By setting up an account you become a valued member with clearly explained bonuses or free spins to spend and personal login credentials that are used safely. We believe this is also very beneficial to attract different people: people who had doubts about playing online now feel secure enough to give it a try or spin!

Trends recap

So, this rise in online casino fans might have been caused by many people being bored due to the pandemic but it might also be caused by improved and more reliable online slots and games. Higher chances to win and bigger progressive jackpot are also a conceivable trend to cause an increase of game enthusiasts. Whatever the reason is, online gaming is more popular than ever!